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Street Artist: Cart1

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About Cart1: Cart1 is a street artist and muralist who has been hitting the streets with a passion. His most famous types of work include characters, often interacting with their surroundings. His street art characters are known to stand out of the walls. Thanks to his amazing skills, they are created in a 3d image.

Residing Location: Lyon, France
Graffiti, Fishing, Art, Wall

Inspiration: Everything and anything that is either captured by his eyes and/or ears.

Favorite Quote: "Truth is a matter of period" -Richelieu
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Major Accomplishments: Cart1 considers some of his greatest accomplishments being able to hold street art sessions in; Egypt, France, Spain, Marroc, Honduras, Columbia, Chile, Ukraine Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Slovakia, and more to come!

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Inspiration for Art: Cart1's inspiration for art comes from a variety of sources. Some of these include literature writer Philip K. Dick, graphic designers such as Etienne Robiale, and painters. There are many more also, and way too many street artists. A few of these include, N°6 (PCP), street art, and Steph (BBC) from graffiti. For painters, Rothko, Toulouse Lautrec, Botero -- and a thousand more!

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Why Street Art: Cart1 decided to chose street art as his primary form of art because the streets are playgrounds and should not be used to create war.
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Current Obstacles: Nothing

Current Goals: Cart1 currently plans on painting around the world and we should definitely expect some great art soon!

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