Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Street Artist: Cart1

piss, graffiti, mural, street art, urban, character, wall, cart1
About Cart1: Cart1 is a street artist and muralist who has been hitting the streets with a passion. His most famous types of work include characters, often interacting with their surroundings. His street art characters are known to stand out of the walls. Thanks to his amazing skills, they are created in a 3d image.

Residing Location: Lyon, France
Graffiti, Fishing, Art, Wall

Inspiration: Everything and anything that is either captured by his eyes and/or ears.

Favorite Quote: "Truth is a matter of period" -Richelieu
cart1, graff, graffiti, urban, tagging, cow, bull, character
Major Accomplishments: Cart1 considers some of his greatest accomplishments being able to hold street art sessions in; Egypt, France, Spain, Marroc, Honduras, Columbia, Chile, Ukraine Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Slovakia, and more to come!

Bunny, Character, Art, 3d, Urban

Inspiration for Art: Cart1's inspiration for art comes from a variety of sources. Some of these include literature writer Philip K. Dick, graphic designers such as Etienne Robiale, and painters. There are many more also, and way too many street artists. A few of these include, N°6 (PCP), street art, and Steph (BBC) from graffiti. For painters, Rothko, Toulouse Lautrec, Botero -- and a thousand more!

black, white, character, mural, art, 3d, graffiti, urban art

Why Street Art: Cart1 decided to chose street art as his primary form of art because the streets are playgrounds and should not be used to create war.
cart, Graffiti, ghost, character, black, 3d
Current Obstacles: Nothing

Current Goals: Cart1 currently plans on painting around the world and we should definitely expect some great art soon!

Monkeys, Roller, Urban, Street Art,

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Jeice2 (JC2)

Street Artist: Jeice2 (JC2)

About the Artist:

Jeice2 is originally from Sevilla, Spain but currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey. Jeice2's inspiration comes from industrial engineering and the nature inside of a mechanical world.

Jeice2 normally works with paste ups, murals, paintings, also engravings.

He also loves to bomb the city with artwork.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013


OhEnI Street Artist 

street art mural design squares red orange

Date of Birth: November 11, 1990

Place of Birth: New Zealand

Residing Location: New Zealand

OhEnI Objects 
Inspiration: OhEnI finds inspiration within other forms of art. These are primarily composed of the following; architecture, shadows, fine art, constructivism, shapes, color, surrounding artists, and just the odd.

Quote: "Create something from nothing"

mural street art graff lines

Major Accomplishments: OhEnI's major accomplishment include painting walls. OhEnI feels that having his art recognized by a community that understands has been one of his major accomplishments. His fame has been gaining many fans from around the world and he enjoys the love. There still plenty of room for growth in this field, but we sense we will continue to hear more about his accomplishments soon, specially since he is still working on a "major accomplishment."

Why Street Art? The largest gallery space in the world is the streets we walk. OhEnI likes the textures of different walls; each surface is a challenge and some interact different with the paint. Cinderblocks and brick are amongst his favorite types of wall. He also enjoys working on raw concrete.

street art shapes and objects

Obstacles: One of the major obstacles our artist faces is keeping it fresh, and staying up with other current street art. There are simply too many good artists! Even with today's variety of challenges, money continues to be one of the stronger obstacles. As we all know, painting comes with a heavy price tag. Another obstacle OhEnI often finds trouble with are people who don't understand what he does.
street art colorful shapes mural

Beliefs: OhEnI believes in doing what ever he wants. This includes anyone. Everyone is equal, so make sure you have fun. The more time and effort anyone puts into something the more they will obtain and get out.

street art black lines circular mural
Circular Mural
Current goals: One of the major goals is finishing his degree in fine arts with honors at an university.He expects to hopefully spread his work over larger walls and countries. He also plans on getting into doing wall drawings in galleries and further explore abstraction.

circle mural shapes objects

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Street Artist Biography


Tangles, Art, Mural, Street Art

Name: Crin

From: Italy

Currently Living: Berlin, Germany

Medium of Art: Crin currently uses acrylic, markers, and spray paint as his primary mediums of art.

About: Crin describes his work as tangle. If you take glance at his work, you will quickly realize why. He has always been intrigued by art. In fact, he realized his passion for art at a very young age. Crin enjoys working with a variety of mediums. Lately he has been experimenting with a series of works on cardboard. He also enjoys looking at objects for help in drawing. Currently, he uses balls of wool to help process new and creative artistic concepts. These balls of wool have helped shaped his technique and ideas.
Crin Installation Cardboard Wool Balls

Inspiration: Crin is inspired by the world around him. Everything that surrounds hims is always great for inspiration. He chose to live in the city because it helps him visually. There is always a variety in sources for inspiration.

Goals: Crin wishes to reach as many people as possible through his work. He wants the work to be spread all over the world.

Favorite Senses: Taste-Salty, Sight- Colors, Smell- Wet Paint, and Tactile Sensation- Feathers

Favorite Street Artists: Roa, Blu, Daim, Os Gemeos, and many more.

Quote: "Insist and never give up! Truly believe in what you do, no matter all the problems you may have."- Crin


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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Artist Biography


Name: Run

Location Born: Italy

Residing Location: Between Italy and UK

About: Run creates murals by painting walls publicly. Since his fame, he has been able to host various galleries and spaces. He has participated in private festivals all around the world. His work has also seen the eyes of many through public commission projects.

Goals: His greatest aim and goal is to be able to travel, worldwide, through his art work. He also wishes to be remembered, through his work, by the future generations.

Obstacles: As an artist, Run feels that his obstacles are no different than the general public. He is presented with similar obstacles, and he must over come them through the best of his abilities. If failed, then he must learn from this mistakes and move forward. Keeping up his motivation is crucial for his type of work. Muralist Run must be able to get through the art market without allowing it to take advantage of his services.

Motivation: The most fulfilling experience of his work comes through working with beautiful and interesting people. This is what ultimately makes his project work interesting.

Beliefs: Run is a muralist and he believes that the term street art does not make sense. He states, "We create public art and public intervention on the street." Life shall be lived regardless and it is well worth it. He also believes that the biggest accomplishment and artist or person can make is to be able to leave a trace of their presence in the future and publishing a book.

Final Remark: "People are the same in any place of this planet. We all have the same needs; eating,feeling good, feeling beautiful, having an occupation and doing it proudly, being happy, having sex, a partner to love, having kids that can follow us in the path of our live....etc." -- Run

RUN at the Tramshed from The Baron on Vimeo.

 More on Run. Order Street Sketchbook by Tristan Manco now

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Street Artist Biography

Name: Ugo 

Date of Birth: August 16, 1988

Location: San Diego, California

Residing Location: Tijuana, Mexico

About: Ugo is a very creative muralist who brings out the best of two countries and creates fascinating character murals.

Inspiration: Old cartoons, music, culture, and life.

Quote: "This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - H.D. Thoreau

Major Accomplishments: One of Ugo's major accomplishment, is being able to his work in the United States as well as Mexico.

Why Street Art?: Ugo began drawing since he was a kid. He always imagined and wanted to see his drawings in a large scale. Approximately two years ago, he had the opportunity to paint a wall, and he has not stopped ever since.

Obstacles: Paint has been a major obstacle, specially when it becomes low and there is a need to buy more. The price of paint has rose over the last years and at times Ugo must wait for payday to buy more materials.

Beliefs: Ugo believes in a better world full of colors and images.

Current Goals: Someday, he wishes to be able to travel to a variety of different cities and paint walls. He plans on continuing to do what he loves and enjoy life.

Quote: "Learning never exhausts the mind." - Da Vinci

Deived & Ugo Mural from David Reyes on Vimeo.

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DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Street Artist Biography


Name: DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Date of Birth: August 14, 1982

Place of Birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Currently Residing: Catanzaro, Italy

About DMS: Davi de Melo Santos, or DMS, is best known for his amazing character murals. He has been involved in the graffiti/street art scene since around 1998. Since then, he has accomplished many items including working alongside major companies like Adidas, Green Peace, WWF, Red Bull, and others.

Inspiration: DMS biggest inspiration is nature and the nature in things. He believes that the exhibition that he made, in Germany, was a very special moment. It definitely created some fond memories. Most importantly, street and friends deserve a very special mention.

Accomplishments: An experience that greatly influenced his life was the work done at the castle in Calabria/Italy. In Brasil, he also participated in the Biennal Graffiti Fine Art that occurred in Brazilian Museum of Sculptures and this event was unforgettable. When he stayed in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park, DMS had the opportunity to paint at the very top. On top, there were columns the size of 20 Ft. long, and it was a very cool experiences as well. 

Street Art Inspiration: One thing leads to another, one is the mirror of the other; DMS's experiences are the filter for everything he creates.

Obstacles: His major obstacles is maintaining the flow of customers through time. It is also a vert competitive market, being this type of profession. One must also deal with ego and the lack of incentive from public organs.

Beliefs: I believe in the universe and its infinite possibilities, I believe that everything is one.

Goals: The main goal is to be happy! I do not want to know how! ButI will try all ways, I hope only that the universe help me, giving me strength to not give up.

DMS - BIENAL DO GRAFITE - SÃO PAULO - BRASIL from Túlio Cipó on Vimeo.

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