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Artist Biography


Name: Run

Location Born: Italy

Residing Location: Between Italy and UK

About: Run creates murals by painting walls publicly. Since his fame, he has been able to host various galleries and spaces. He has participated in private festivals all around the world. His work has also seen the eyes of many through public commission projects.

Goals: His greatest aim and goal is to be able to travel, worldwide, through his art work. He also wishes to be remembered, through his work, by the future generations.

Obstacles: As an artist, Run feels that his obstacles are no different than the general public. He is presented with similar obstacles, and he must over come them through the best of his abilities. If failed, then he must learn from this mistakes and move forward. Keeping up his motivation is crucial for his type of work. Muralist Run must be able to get through the art market without allowing it to take advantage of his services.

Motivation: The most fulfilling experience of his work comes through working with beautiful and interesting people. This is what ultimately makes his project work interesting.

Beliefs: Run is a muralist and he believes that the term street art does not make sense. He states, "We create public art and public intervention on the street." Life shall be lived regardless and it is well worth it. He also believes that the biggest accomplishment and artist or person can make is to be able to leave a trace of their presence in the future and publishing a book.

Final Remark: "People are the same in any place of this planet. We all have the same needs; eating,feeling good, feeling beautiful, having an occupation and doing it proudly, being happy, having sex, a partner to love, having kids that can follow us in the path of our live....etc." -- Run

RUN at the Tramshed from The Baron on Vimeo.

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Street Artist Biography

Name: Ugo 

Date of Birth: August 16, 1988

Location: San Diego, California

Residing Location: Tijuana, Mexico

About: Ugo is a very creative muralist who brings out the best of two countries and creates fascinating character murals.

Inspiration: Old cartoons, music, culture, and life.

Quote: "This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - H.D. Thoreau

Major Accomplishments: One of Ugo's major accomplishment, is being able to his work in the United States as well as Mexico.

Why Street Art?: Ugo began drawing since he was a kid. He always imagined and wanted to see his drawings in a large scale. Approximately two years ago, he had the opportunity to paint a wall, and he has not stopped ever since.

Obstacles: Paint has been a major obstacle, specially when it becomes low and there is a need to buy more. The price of paint has rose over the last years and at times Ugo must wait for payday to buy more materials.

Beliefs: Ugo believes in a better world full of colors and images.

Current Goals: Someday, he wishes to be able to travel to a variety of different cities and paint walls. He plans on continuing to do what he loves and enjoy life.

Quote: "Learning never exhausts the mind." - Da Vinci

Deived & Ugo Mural from David Reyes on Vimeo.

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DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Street Artist Biography


Name: DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Date of Birth: August 14, 1982

Place of Birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Currently Residing: Catanzaro, Italy

About DMS: Davi de Melo Santos, or DMS, is best known for his amazing character murals. He has been involved in the graffiti/street art scene since around 1998. Since then, he has accomplished many items including working alongside major companies like Adidas, Green Peace, WWF, Red Bull, and others.

Inspiration: DMS biggest inspiration is nature and the nature in things. He believes that the exhibition that he made, in Germany, was a very special moment. It definitely created some fond memories. Most importantly, street and friends deserve a very special mention.

Accomplishments: An experience that greatly influenced his life was the work done at the castle in Calabria/Italy. In Brasil, he also participated in the Biennal Graffiti Fine Art that occurred in Brazilian Museum of Sculptures and this event was unforgettable. When he stayed in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park, DMS had the opportunity to paint at the very top. On top, there were columns the size of 20 Ft. long, and it was a very cool experiences as well. 

Street Art Inspiration: One thing leads to another, one is the mirror of the other; DMS's experiences are the filter for everything he creates.

Obstacles: His major obstacles is maintaining the flow of customers through time. It is also a vert competitive market, being this type of profession. One must also deal with ego and the lack of incentive from public organs.

Beliefs: I believe in the universe and its infinite possibilities, I believe that everything is one.

Goals: The main goal is to be happy! I do not want to know how! ButI will try all ways, I hope only that the universe help me, giving me strength to not give up.

DMS - BIENAL DO GRAFITE - SÃO PAULO - BRASIL from Túlio Cipó on Vimeo.

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Freddy Sam

Street Artist Biography


Name: Freddy Sam

Date of Birth: 1984

About: Freddy Sam is an artist and art activist. He has been painting street art murals for over 12 years and holds a firm belief in humility and respect towards art. To him, there is no stronger satisfaction then being able to paint on the streets. This feeling can not be replicated by any other form of art. His goal and job in life is to remove the grayness from the soul of the city. This can only be done by artists, musicians, and poets. 

Meaning Behind the Name: The name Freddy Sam comes from the combination of his two grandfathers' names. This name also means much more, The pseudonym is used by the artist to represent his fearless romantic alter ego who still believes in Peter Pan.

Some Recent Awards:
2013-Invited to be on the curatorial panel for the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014
2012-Feature on BBC online
2012-Feature in Discovery Chanel Documentary
2011-Feature interview on CNN
2011-Invited to speak at the TED conference in CT



Street Artist Biography


Artist: Shida 

Location: Melbourne, Australia

About: Shida is a heavyweight of Australia's burgeoning street art scene, with dynamic murals, monumental in scale, spread across the east coast and internationally. A gestural climax of color and ecstatic line surges through his mystifying imagery, allowing viewers a glimpse of a sublime, pulsating paradise. Shida has ignited his career with a tour that spanned four continents, and his ongoing success in the art world is testament to his relentless creative spirit.

Meaning Behind Name: Shida was 14 years old when he was searching for a name to write graffiti.  He was looking for a name that sounded Japanese. He chose Shida, and the rest is history.

Lifestyle: After waking up, he usually checks his emails and begins to work on art. This can include working on paintings, preparing for the street art, or simply sketching. He also enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend and playing video games.

Shida's Street Art Videos

Shida Serpent from Shida ZRF on Vimeo.

Painting on, Passing through from H. Eva Parkes on Vimeo.

Crystals of the Colossus from Shida ZRF on Vimeo.

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Street Artist Biography

Graffiti and Murals

Artist: SUIKO

Date of Birth: 1979

Place of Birth: Oita, Japan

Current Location: Hiroshima, Japan

Style: SUIKO focuses on expressive letters who hold circular shapes, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes. His style also resembles Chinese character designs.

Inspiration for Street Art: Currently, SUIKO's primary forms of inspiration are Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy, and Ukiyoe, or Japanese woodblock print. Together they have helped shape what is his current Asian character designs and personal styles.

Obstacles: Suiko's major obstacle is being lazy.

Current Goals:  Currently, he is hoping on creating large building murals. He wishes to make these large murals in a variety of locations around the world. Not only that, but he also hopes to collaborate and work with distinct artists from around the world. In fact, SUIKO hopes to work with street artists who hold different styles and culture backgrounds. His experiences hold no limits.


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