Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Street Artist Biography


Name: DMS (Davi de Melo Santos)

Date of Birth: August 14, 1982

Place of Birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Currently Residing: Catanzaro, Italy

About DMS: Davi de Melo Santos, or DMS, is best known for his amazing character murals. He has been involved in the graffiti/street art scene since around 1998. Since then, he has accomplished many items including working alongside major companies like Adidas, Green Peace, WWF, Red Bull, and others.

Inspiration: DMS biggest inspiration is nature and the nature in things. He believes that the exhibition that he made, in Germany, was a very special moment. It definitely created some fond memories. Most importantly, street and friends deserve a very special mention.

Accomplishments: An experience that greatly influenced his life was the work done at the castle in Calabria/Italy. In Brasil, he also participated in the Biennal Graffiti Fine Art that occurred in Brazilian Museum of Sculptures and this event was unforgettable. When he stayed in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park, DMS had the opportunity to paint at the very top. On top, there were columns the size of 20 Ft. long, and it was a very cool experiences as well. 

Street Art Inspiration: One thing leads to another, one is the mirror of the other; DMS's experiences are the filter for everything he creates.

Obstacles: His major obstacles is maintaining the flow of customers through time. It is also a vert competitive market, being this type of profession. One must also deal with ego and the lack of incentive from public organs.

Beliefs: I believe in the universe and its infinite possibilities, I believe that everything is one.

Goals: The main goal is to be happy! I do not want to know how! ButI will try all ways, I hope only that the universe help me, giving me strength to not give up.

DMS - BIENAL DO GRAFITE - SÃO PAULO - BRASIL from Túlio Cipó on Vimeo.

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