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OhEnI Street Artist 

street art mural design squares red orange

Date of Birth: November 11, 1990

Place of Birth: New Zealand

Residing Location: New Zealand

OhEnI Objects 
Inspiration: OhEnI finds inspiration within other forms of art. These are primarily composed of the following; architecture, shadows, fine art, constructivism, shapes, color, surrounding artists, and just the odd.

Quote: "Create something from nothing"

mural street art graff lines

Major Accomplishments: OhEnI's major accomplishment include painting walls. OhEnI feels that having his art recognized by a community that understands has been one of his major accomplishments. His fame has been gaining many fans from around the world and he enjoys the love. There still plenty of room for growth in this field, but we sense we will continue to hear more about his accomplishments soon, specially since he is still working on a "major accomplishment."

Why Street Art? The largest gallery space in the world is the streets we walk. OhEnI likes the textures of different walls; each surface is a challenge and some interact different with the paint. Cinderblocks and brick are amongst his favorite types of wall. He also enjoys working on raw concrete.

street art shapes and objects

Obstacles: One of the major obstacles our artist faces is keeping it fresh, and staying up with other current street art. There are simply too many good artists! Even with today's variety of challenges, money continues to be one of the stronger obstacles. As we all know, painting comes with a heavy price tag. Another obstacle OhEnI often finds trouble with are people who don't understand what he does.
street art colorful shapes mural

Beliefs: OhEnI believes in doing what ever he wants. This includes anyone. Everyone is equal, so make sure you have fun. The more time and effort anyone puts into something the more they will obtain and get out.

street art black lines circular mural
Circular Mural
Current goals: One of the major goals is finishing his degree in fine arts with honors at an university.He expects to hopefully spread his work over larger walls and countries. He also plans on getting into doing wall drawings in galleries and further explore abstraction.

circle mural shapes objects

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Street Artist Biography


Tangles, Art, Mural, Street Art

Name: Crin

From: Italy

Currently Living: Berlin, Germany

Medium of Art: Crin currently uses acrylic, markers, and spray paint as his primary mediums of art.

About: Crin describes his work as tangle. If you take glance at his work, you will quickly realize why. He has always been intrigued by art. In fact, he realized his passion for art at a very young age. Crin enjoys working with a variety of mediums. Lately he has been experimenting with a series of works on cardboard. He also enjoys looking at objects for help in drawing. Currently, he uses balls of wool to help process new and creative artistic concepts. These balls of wool have helped shaped his technique and ideas.
Crin Installation Cardboard Wool Balls

Inspiration: Crin is inspired by the world around him. Everything that surrounds hims is always great for inspiration. He chose to live in the city because it helps him visually. There is always a variety in sources for inspiration.

Goals: Crin wishes to reach as many people as possible through his work. He wants the work to be spread all over the world.

Favorite Senses: Taste-Salty, Sight- Colors, Smell- Wet Paint, and Tactile Sensation- Feathers

Favorite Street Artists: Roa, Blu, Daim, Os Gemeos, and many more.

Quote: "Insist and never give up! Truly believe in what you do, no matter all the problems you may have."- Crin


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